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Point and click with Smile for Me

If you’re looking for a new point and click adventure, then Serenity Forge have got you covered with the release of Smile for Me. 

Available to purchase, download, play and hopefully enjoy is Smile for Me, a game created by the minds of LimboLane before being published by Serenity Forge which attempts to deliver a wonderful world about a heartbroken clown, some wayward souls and – most importantly – some juicy mechanical lips. 

Priced at £12.49 from the Xbox Store for play on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, as well as being present on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, Smile for Me focuses on the arrival of a big event, as you look to help the resident of the Habitat try and understand what is going on in their little world. Ultimately that means you’ll need to uncover and de-mask Doctor Habit, but before you get that far, a whole ton more awaits. 

The Habitat is home to a weirdly wonderful world in which the bizarre is always at the fore. It’s full of wacky puzzles, the most strange of people and tons of the juiciest gossip – the problem is, this place also holds secrets; sinister secrets. 

Working your way through Smile for Me you’ll be left to understand the world in full, understanding quirks, tackling puzzles and taking in a ton of chatter. And with the Serenity Forge team behind it – they previously having pushed The Alto Collection, Homestead Arcana and more – there’s a chance that this one could be super intriguing. 

Just be aware that this is a point and click adventure like nothing before, with the key features of… 

  • Features:
    • – Explore a beautiful world
    • – Solve a mouthful of tricky puzzles
    • – Chat with 23 peculiar characters
  • But that’s not all!
    • – There are charming animations!
    • – Secret backstories!
    • – TOO much gossip!
  • There’s more!!
    • – Emotional baggage!
    • – Alarming puppetry!
    • – A condescending narrator!
    • – Depressed clowns!
    • – Fear of mortality!
    • – The true meaning of friendship!
    • – Where am I?!?

You’ll find Smile for Me over at the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, hiding behind a £12.49 price tag. Expect to discover this one on the stores of PlayStation and Nintendo Switch too. 

Game Description:

Smile For Me is an unconventional Point-and-Click Adventure Game that puts you at the center of an abstract world! Nod and shake your head to chat with new friends, and solve their mysteries to cheer them up. The People are bizarre, the Puzzles are Wack, and the World hides a sinister secret… Keep Your Chin Up You may be silent, but you’ve got a lot to say! Nod-and-shake your way through the Habitat, with a host of funky and friendly characters. A Quaint Cast of Misfits The Habiticians are full of juicy gossip. Learn their quirks and qualms, and cure them of their blues! Make your Choice… Help only your favorite pals, or stay behind to save all the Habiticians.

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