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Pitter Patter, Letterkenny Season 11 Gets an Official Release Date


Let’s get at er, Letterkenny fans.

In classic Letterkenny fashion, Season 11 just dropped a brand new trailer that also unveiled its release date with almost no warning. Just like in past instances, you won’t have to wait long after getting the video to watch the next iteration of the show, as it is set to return on Christmas Day, Dec. 25, 2022.

To be exact, Letterkenny Season 11 arrives on Crave Dec. 25 and on Hulu Dec. 26 when the clock strikes midnight. While we don’t have an exact idea of what this go-around will entail, the trailer shows that the usual cast is there and that their will surely be plenty of fighting and drinking.

For those that are unaware of the show and its roots, Letterkenny originally started out as a Youtube series called Letterkenny Problems that revolved around a small town of 5,000 people, featuring a handful of characters sitting around talking about the problems they face. Eventually, the series got picked up by Crave in 2016, and the show was born.

Thanks to the popularity of the YouTube skits, Letterkenny rose to prominence outside of Canada as well, finding plenty of success on Hulu. You can check out the official description of the show below.

The residents of Letterkenny belong to one of three groups: the Hicks, the Skids, and the Hockey Players, who are constantly feuding with each other over seemingly trivial matters that often end with someone getting their ass kicked.

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