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PETA Names the Top Vegan Wings in Philadelphia

Published by PETA.

Ahead of the big 49ers vs. Eagles game at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia on Sunday, January 29, PETA is announcing the top vegan wings in the City of Brotherly Love. Football fans in Philly can enjoy the “meaty” morsels listed on this page during the NFC championship and beyond, trusting that no chickens were harmed or killed for a fleeting moment of taste.

PETA’s Top 6 Vegan Wing Joints in Philadelphia

1. Triangle Tavern

The vegan wings at Triangle Tavern come with either Buffalo or Country Sweet sauce. The restaurant also offers vegan mozzarella sticks, vegan pizzas, and an array of vegan sandwich options.

2. Veganish

Veganish has more than one way to satisfy your cravings for vegan wings. Check out its Crispy Chik’n Tenders (available in Buffalo, Spicy Agave, or BBQ sauce), or order its delicious Buffalo or BBQ Cauliflower.

3. Front Street Cafe

Front Street Cafe offers Buffalo cauliflower wings, but don’t sleep on its other sauce options. You can also order vegan wings tossed in garlic-Sriracha aioli, General Tso sauce, or a tangy whiskey BBQ sauce.

4. Queen & Rook Game Cafe

If you’re not sold on football, this café features an array of tabletop and board games to keep you entertained while you enjoy its seitan wings, which are available in a variety of sauces.

5. Abbaye

Visit Abbaye on N. Third Street to check out its vegan wings with a side of vegan mayo.

6. Monster Vegan

This all-vegan restaurant features General Tso’s Wings made from seitan and served with wasabi cucumber ranch.

Need Help Finding Vegan Wings in Other Cities?

You don’t have to be in Philly to enjoy great vegan food during an NFL game. PETA’s got a handy list of vegan-friendly NFL stadiums for hungry fans to check out. You could even try making your own Buffalo cauliflower wings at home:

Not only are vegan wings healthier and tastier, they’re also kinder. Considering that virtually all chickens raised for food spend their whole lives in confinement, the compassionate choice should really be the only choice. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 restaurants across the country to find vegan wings, so the next time you’re in one of these cities, make it a point to chow down!

The Top 10 Vegan Wings in the Country

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