PC servers for every returning Dark Souls game are now back online

PC servers for the original Dark Souls 2 are now restored and back online after an extended absence.

Just earlier today on November 30, FromSoftware and publisher Bandai Namco announced Dark Souls 2 servers were back online with immediate effect. If you own the original version of the sequel, you can now once again take advantage of PvP combat, co-op play, and otherworldly messages between players.

When we say the “original” version of Dark Souls 2 on PC, we’re talking about the version that launched back in 2014. The Scholar of the First Sin re-release, which bundled in several DLC expansions for the sequel, had its PC servers brought back online last month in October, with FromSoftware announcing that work on the PC servers for the original game was still being worked on.

This all started back in January 2022, when PC servers for every Dark Souls game were suddenly turned off out of nowhere. “PvP servers have been temporarily deactivated to allow the team to investigate recent reports of an issue with online services,” wrote FromSoftware and Bandai Namco at the time of the shuttering.

PC servers for all Dark Souls games remained offline throughout the Spring and Summer until PC servers for Dark Souls 3 were suddenly reactivated in September. Dark Souls 2 followed a month later, while Dark Souls Remastered PC servers were only just brought back online earlier this month. FromSoftware’s games are now finally back online, with the unfortunate exception of the original Dark Souls, which the developer deemed simply too old to fix.

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