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Overwatch 2 Receives Gameplay Trailer For New Hero Ramattra

Overwatch 2 has released a new gameplay trailer for its latest hero, Ramattra. The new tank class omnic will be the next character joining Overwatch 2’s roster. Described as “a relentless omnic fighting for the survival of his people,” Ramattra will arrive at the battlefield on December 6 as a part of Season 2. And the new gameplay trailer reveals his diverse set of skills and abilities, including the two forms of the anticipated hero.

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Announced during the League Grand Finals, Ramattra will be the first tempo tank of Overwatch 2 and has the ability to switch between his two forms, Omnic and Nemesis. The former is the base form of the character whereas the latter grants bonus armor and allows him to expand his set of moves. The trailer video showcases the upcoming hero’s abilities and how he makes use of his main weapon, Void Accelerator, which fires projectiles in a fixed-line. The revolutionist omnic can also create a barrier with his accelerator, which creates a powerful shield that can, apparently, endure Soldier 76’s Helix Rockets and Cassidy’s ultimate ability. He also depends on this powerful shield against Phara’s notorious ultimate, Barrage, as seen in the trailer.


Ramattra has a wide array of skills reinforced by his transitions, which ultimately favor a versatile and fast-paced playstyle. His Ravenous Vortex allows him to fire an explosive nano ball that creates a damaging field that slows and pulls in the affected enemies. His ultimate ability, on the other hand, is called Annihilation, and it further supports his high-tempo attack formula by creating a nanobot swarm that “deals damage and reduces enemy damage dealt by 50%.” Those wishing to find out more can have a look at the ability kit of the new hero, which was shared by the official Twitter account of the multiplayer shooter. Blizzard also shared a blog post titled “Building A Revolutionary” focusing on the design process of Ramattra.

While Ramattra does look like it will increase the heat of the battlefield as a tempo tank, it is worth noting that he also bears the honor of being the first premium hero in Overwatch 2, meaning that he will not be free to everyone and comes with certain requirements to be unlocked. Those who would like to take on the role of the huge omnic will have to emerge victorious from a great number of matches to gain Battle XP and reach Tier 55 on the Battle Pass. That being said, players can also unlock the exclusive character by simply paying for the premium pass, which immediately adds the hero to the account’s character inventory.

Alongside Ramattra, Overwatch 2 Season 2 will also introduce a new map, which will be revealed on December 2 by Blizzard. Most recently, the developer addressed an issue that prevented players from leaving the low-skill tier and enabled aim assist for both console and PC players.

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