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New Dragon Age Dreadwolf Trailer Teases What’s Next For Solas

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers central to the main story of Dragon Age Inquisition.

A new one-minute teaser trailer for Dragon Age Dreadwolf gives the backstory of Solas, or Fen’Harel as he is now known, and provides some insight on what might be next for the character likely to serve as the franchise’s’ newest big bad. The brief trailer was posted Sunday to the official social media accounts of both Dragon Age and developer BioWare as part of their Dragon Age Day celebration.

Narrated by the familiar voice of dwarven rogue and author Varric Tethras (played by Brian Bloom), who has appeared as a fan-favorite playable character in the last two main-series Dragon Age titles, the trailer begins with Varric describing his relationship with Solas, “a thoughtful mage obsessed with dreams.” However, Varric briefly sums up the backstory of Solas’ true identity as the Dreadwolf, who went to war with the other elven gods, imprisoning them behind the Veil and cutting off the world containing Thedas from the magical Fade. “But now, he wanted to tear down that Veil and destroy the world, and we’re the only ones who can stop him,” Varric says, concluding his narration.


For those still not in the know, Solas is an elven rift mage and one of The Inquisitor’s initial three companions in Dragon Age Inquisition, along with Varric and seeker Cassandra Pentaghast. He is invited into the Inquisition’s inner circle despite his status as a wanted apostate. Throughout the story, he shows a strong sense of empathy for those locked in conflict, and particularly for corrupted spirits.

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However, the last time we got to meet Solas was in Inquisition’s expansion DLC, Trespasser, ocurring after a two-year timeskip from the endgame, in which he admits to having inadvertently causing the breach that threated the world, to being the Dreadwolf, and to his plan to tear down the Veil and restore ancient magic to the elves, likely killing countless people in the process.

One feature that draws players enmasse to the Dragon Age franchise is that there seems to be little in the way of canon endings for most main characters. Ever since the second installment, the developers at BioWare have worked in systems that allow their player to fill in the choices made during the previous entries, which can result in divergent paths ranging from who wears the crown to characters’ potential deaths, or even the potential existence of an old god born in human flesh. The trailer plays well on this system, with Varric begging the question of whether Fen’Harel is actually the “ancient elven God of Lies, or heroic rebel against tyranny, depending on which story you believe.”

While the trailer contains no trace of an official release date, Dragon Age Dreadwolf is expected for release late in 2023.

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