Mini Metro introduces the new Holiday Update, adding in a brand new Boston line to manage alongside some quality of life updates

Dinosaur Polo Club’s extremely popular minimalist puzzler Mini Metro has released its latest update simply titled The Holiday Update. This new update introduces a brand new metro system to tackle, alongside a few small tweaks to a few other maps that are mostly for quality of life.

If you aren’t familiar with Mini Metro, it’s a real indie hit that features a deceptively complex gameplay loop. Your job is to manage metro systems. It begins simple enough typically, but soon advances into a mess of linking certain lines to the stops they’re supposed to be at without merging into one another, alongside different types of rails to create, and is all about finding the most efficient way to manage these systems.

All of these metro systems are based on real-life train lines, and this new update brings in the latest one. To celebrate the 125th anniversary of the real-world Boston, Massachusetts metro system, you can now experience that same line in Mini Metro. To unlock it, you’ll have to score 500 or more in Stockholm or Saint Petersburg. This new line will prove a tough challenge for even the most seasoned of Mini Metro gamers, so be ready for some real intense puzzle action.

On top of all this, there have also been some small tweaks to audio and performance on some of the lines in-game. You might not even notice these changes as they’re that small, but it’s nice to know that even the little things are being addressed for Mini Metro.

If all of this sounds perfectly up your alley and you enjoy a good puzzle, you’ll love Mini Metro. But don’t take my word for it! You can currently purchase it for $3.99 at either of the links below this article!

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