Mike Flanagan Spoils All Of Proposed Midnight Club Season 2 After Netflix Cancelation

With the news breaking earlier this week that Mike Flanagan, along with partner Trevor Macy, is leaving Netflix for Amazon Studios, a shadow of doubt was cast over the fate of their freshman series The Midnight Club. Today the news was confirmed that a second season of the Christopher Pike adaptations won’t come to fruition, but Flanagan wanted to give fans some closure.

Over at his Tumblr page, the horror creator talked about the things that were left on the table and the future he had planned for the series and the characters that would have played out for the second season, and maybe even after that.

“I’m very disappointed that Netflix has decided not to pursue a second season of The Midnight Club,” Flanagan posted. “My biggest disappointment is that we left so many story threads open, holding them back for the hypothetical second season, which is always a gamble. So I’m writing this blog as our official second season, so you can know what might have been, learn the fates of your favorite characters, and know the answers to those dangling story threads from the first season. So for those of you who want to know what we were planning to do, here’s a look at what would have been Season 2!”

Flanagan explained his plans with Amesh (Sauriyan Sapkota) and how his glioblastoma would be advancing quickly. He would tell the opening story of the season but would be having a hard time making it through.

“We’d focus on his love story with Natsuki for those first few episodes as it becomes clear that Amesh’s death is imminent,” the showrunner said.

He also continued with how the series would expand into other Pike works, including his favorite Rescue Me, which dealt with a young woman becoming a ghost and trying to solve her own murder. The story would have crossed over for most of the season with five episodes.

“This was the thing I was most excited about for this season,” he said. “We were going to use it as a vehicle for Ilonka to try to come to terms with the fact that she is going to die, and to begin to trying to wrap her head around being a ghost… but this is the coolest part… the lead character of Ilonka’s story wouldn’t be played by Ilonka. She’d be played by…Anya.”

Flanagan explained that this is how he would continue using the same characters. As long as they’re remembered by members of the club, they live on in their stories. He went on to say that there would have been a new member to the club and actually confirmed a few fan theories including the one about the janitor, played by Robert Longstreet: he is Death.

“It turns out no one else ever saw this character,” he stated. “Stanton has a cleaning service, and the Nurse practitioners make up the rooms. The only people who ever saw this mysterious Janitor were the patients. He is Death and offers them kind words before they die.”

He continued on with detailing the fate of the rest of the class, including an idea of two of them experiencing living in past lives, another element that Pike explored in his horror stories.

“I loved making this show, and I am so proud of the cast and crew,” Flanagan concluded. “Particularly our cast, who attacked this story with incredible spirit and bravery each and every day.”

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