Metal: Hellsinger now playable on Xbox One and PS4 as new Archdevil difficulty hits!

Originally only available on new-gen consoles and PC, Metal: Hellsinger now makes it way to older generation consoles, bringing with it a new free update that adds in another difficulty level and more. 

Just as Metal: Hellsinger hits the lives of 1 million players, the teams at The Outsiders and Funcom look to push their award-winning rhythm shooter to the next level, moving it away from the confines of PC, Xbox Series X|S and PS5 to also allow Xbox One and PS4 players the chance to take in the musical mayhem. 

Joined by the old-gen add-on is Patch 1.5 for Metal: Hellsinger, and this adds in a new top tier difficulty level, that of Archdevil. Archdevil is the fourth and highest difficulty after Lamb, Goat, and Beast. It brings forth a level that pushes the player to the limit, with more, stronger demons coming at them, and no last stand to rely on. 

Further to that, a new Elite Seraph demon has also been added to the game but to aid the player there are new combos included too. Performing certain actions on consecutive beats — such as killing an enemy, soaring, then killing another — will award the player with additional fury and a higher score. 

There’s more and you’ll also be given the chance to go and hunt for numerous Coats of Arms collectibles. Hidden away on each level at each difficulty, these will provide you with new weapon skins. 

And as you’d expect, the update also includes a long list of bug fixes, quality of life improvements, balancing, and performance optimization.

Metal: Hellsinger is a bit of a cracker, with our review talking up the incredible vocal performances and the fun switch on the usual FPS angle. We only really had complaints in regards the length of the game, but with the new Archdevil difficulty mode in place, that may now be negated. 

You can find Metal: Hellsinger on the Xbox Store, now playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. It’s also on PS4, PS5 and PC. 

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