Metal: Hellsinger Accessibility Update Is Totally Metal

A new Metal: Hellsinger accessibility update has ripped through the ether and has been brought to the masses, allowing for an even more intense and bass-thumping experience. 

Metal: Hellsinger is one of the first ever rhythmic FPS to slay the market, where players will embark on a truly metal journey through the realms of Torment. Equipped with only the most devasting weapons, players will need to blast enemies into oblivion to the beat of the music, which gets louder and more intense with every shot that rings out to the beat of the heavy metal music blasting into their cochleas. The more shots that are on beat, the more carnage to enjoy. 

With the new accessibility update comes a nifty new feature that allows every shot fired to count as on beat, meaning only mayhem and destruction for the horde that stands in your way. Using this new feature will exclude you from the leaderboards, but allows players to avoid penalties for missing a cadence or two. A new color picker option allows players to choose their own custom color for their rhythm indicator and reticle, creating a nice array of customization options which is a great addition to those who may be color blind. More so, players who use a controller will also be able to adjust their Dead Zone settings for each joystick separately.

As if that wasn’t enough, players will also have the ability to remap every one of the buttons on their keyboard or controller, making the experience and playthrough as custom as can be. The only buttons that can’t be modified at this time are the Camera and Move actions, which can only be mapped to joysticks. A few minor bugs have also been patched, such as the one that caused the player’s game to crash when attacking an Elite Stalker and a cross-progression bug that deleted a player’s saves between the Microsoft Store and Xbox. 

If you have yet to experience the thrills and stress-inducing action that is Metal: Hellsinger, head on over to the game’s official Steam page to check it out. 

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