Marvel Snap announces new update will drop tomorrow

Marvel Snap, the hit digital card game featuring Marvel’s beloved superheroes, will officially get an update tomorrow featuring balancing changes and “other cool stuff” according to Ben Brode.

Brode is the Chief Development Officer of Marvel Snap’s developer Second Dinner Studios. They carefully add that tomorrow’s patch does not include Battle Mode, which is now expected to roll out near “the end of the season”:

Marvel Snap recently released an extensive 2023 roadmap last December, which teased a wide variety of both in-progress and conceptual features. No release dates were actually confirmed, which made today’s announcement a welcome surprise. But the roadmap details make it pretty easy to speculate on the “other cool stuff”, which is tactically vague.

Given the previous roadmap, the other features within reach would include name changes, artist credits, Infinity Split Mod details, and some new language support. The new languages are definitely a highlight, bringing in new audiences.

However, tomorrow’s update isn’t necessarily limited to the roadmap content. There might be other quality of life improvements, including some pesky bugs. The dev communication has been pretty transparent thus far, which is much appreciated, so at least today’s announcement had the good sense to set expectations.

Battle Mode with friends has been a highly requested feature from fans, and honestly, it’s pretty strange that the game didn’t launch with it. Most card games primarily thrive on that aspect of gameplay, though collecting and deckbuilding are certainly easy to obsess over. It’s a shame to learn that Marvel Snap won’t add it until the end of the season.

In fact, that release window for Battle Mode also gives fans an idea of when they can expect all the other features in December’s roadmap, such as the Unranked Mode. Fortunately, each season of Marvel Snap is relatively short, at least compared to similar games.

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