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Marvel Contest of Champions will soon add Shuri and Attuma to its roster to celebrate the arrival of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

With the MCU’s next release, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, just around the corner, Kaban has laid out plans to celebrate the movie’s arrival in Marvel Contest of Champions. The new Sea of Troubles event will introduce characters from the film like Shuri and Attuma.

It seems like Galactus’ hunger has not been satiated as the planet devourer has made his way to The Battlerealm. This plague has now set its eyes on Wakanda. Shuri, desperate to find a solution to this problem comes up with a diplomatic plan. She thinks that Wakanda can only be saved by joining hands with the Talokans.

For this, Shuri and the Summoner must convince Namor to help the Wakandans, but it seems right Namor’s right hand, Attuma has other plans. That’s when the Sea of Troubles begins as Shuri must dodge everything Attuma throws at her, while also trying to save her homeland.

Now that we know the upcoming story, let’s look deeper into the character’s histories and motivations. Shuri, who can rightfully be called Wakanda’s brains, is officially the Princess, but she spends most of her time making Wakanda a technologically superior nation.

She isn’t a staunch believer in tradition or culture and believes that the only way forward is by pushing the boundaries of Vibranium technology.

Attuma, on the other hand, has sworn his allegiance to King Namor and the Talokan Empire. A strong and proud warrior, he protects Taloka from all threats, above and below. Regardless of the situation, he will never surrender, ensuring that his home is safe at all costs.

The incoming threat from the surface dwellers means Attuma has to raise his guard once again to safeguard his culture and people. A lot of his own may not support him, but he always does what is necessary. Attuma joins Contest of Champions on December 1st.

Catch Marvel’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever in theatres on November 11th. Download Marvel Contest of Champions now for free.

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