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Marvel Contest of Champions is introducing Mantis in a new holiday-themed update

The MCU’s story has moved forward with the release of the Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special, which serves as a precursor for the third movie starring the ragtag group of superheroes. To celebrate this short film, Kabam has released an update for Marvel Contest of Champions, that introduces a member from GOTG, Mantis.

Version 37.1 of Marvel Contest of Champions is called Sabotage at the Mantis House, which revolves around the empath and master of martial arts, the Mantis. Her comic history is quite different from the movies as besides being able to influence emotions, Mantis learned how to be a grand mistress of martial arts from the Priests of Pama.

This leads her to become the Celestial Madonna, the Mother to a child who is destined to change the fate of the universe. To be able to live up to this task, Mantis was granted a body from the race of Cotati, which is what gave her these empathic powers. Using all these abilities, she joins various teams like the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and of course, the GOTG to fight all the bad guys.

In-game, it seems like there is a problem at the Mantis Household since the Guardians of the Galaxy holiday party turned out to be a disaster. Mantis calls upon Jessica Jones to investigate the scene who reveals that the punch has been spiked and all presents have been destroyed. Even the power was shut down and Jessica revealed the prime suspect is one of the people at the celebration.


It sounds like a slightly more light-hearted event, but still expect a lot of action. Mantis will be available in Marvel Contest of Champions on December 15th. In addition to this, between December 10th and 17th, Kabam will also be celebrating the game’s 8th anniversary with a tonne of special events and rewards.

Download Marvel Contest of Champions now for free by clicking on either of the links below.

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