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Mario Fans Still Prefer Movie’s French Voice Actor Over Chris Pratt

People are coming around to Chris Pratt’s Mario, but whoever’s voicing the plumber in France remains the favorite.

Nintendo dropped the second trailer for the Super Mario Bros. Movie and with it, fans have been given a better look at what it has to offer. Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach, Seth Rogen’s Donkey Kong, and a little more of Chris Pratt’s Mario. When it comes to that last one, the consensus still appears to be that other Mario voice actors are doing a better job.

It’s not something that’s often highlighted, but movies as big as Super Mario Bros. launch in numerous different markets, and therefore have to be translated into various different languages. When the first trailer was shown, the work of Mario’s voice actors in France, Italy, Brazil, and more were compared to Chris Pratt, and the French Mario appeared to be the most popular.


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Despite hearing Pratt’s “let’s-a-go” and “wahoo” for the first time in trailer number two, Mario fans still appear to prefer hearing the plumber’s voice in other languages. The wahoo, in particular, has been picked out, and French Mario is the winner again. Shortly after the trailer debuted, the compilation below appeared online comparing Mario’s wahoo in five different languages.

All four of the alternatives to Pratt’s attempt are in a significantly higher pitch which is arguably what gives them the edge over the Guardian of the Galaxy. That being said, what we heard from Pratt in the newest trailer is at least an upgrade on what was heard in the first trailer. Some fans are even starting to warm up to his take on Mario’s voice, although the actor did set the bar pretty low when the entirely different voice he promised everyone was effectively just his own coming out of Mario’s mouth.

While you might expect the Italian version of Mario to be the best since the character is supposed to be from Italy, it actually makes sense that the French actor’s take would top the pile. Charles Martinet is of French descent and has been voicing Mario for as long as Mario has had a voice. Martinet is credited in the Mario movie, but it still remains unclear what role he will play. Perhaps Nintendo should have let him do the wahoo.

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