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Mantic Games ‘The Vault’ Subscription Service Gets Even Better with Pre-Supported Files and Commercial License Availability – Tabletop Gaming News

Mantic Games has unveiled an array of new features and content for its subscribers. Clive and his team have been hard at work delivering on community requests, and the latest announcement suggests an exciting future for both Mantic and its dedicated 3D printing community.

Thanks to an influx of subscribers joining the community, Mantic Games has significantly exceeded expectations, which has led to an acceleration of the company’s plans. The team’s primary focus is on new content and features.

Starting June, subscribers will receive both standard STL and pre-supported files for their 3D printing needs. For those new to 3D printing, this feature will remove the necessity of figuring out support structures themselves. Meanwhile, more experienced users still have the option to add their own supports. All files from the first month of this feature will be available for download soon.

Mantic Games is also paying close attention to its retail partners. Vault packs, a critical part of Mantic’s services, will be curated to augment popular products found in local gaming stores. For instance, subscribers will find Vault content supporting the Storm In The Shires 2-Player Set, Halfling Infantry, Riftforged Orc Infantry, the Kings of War Giant, and the Armada Essentials Box.

In an exciting move for retail partners, Mantic Games will be launching a Merchant Commercial license, which allows retailers to join the Mantic Vault and print their own pieces. This license is exclusively for Mantic Games retail partners with physical stores, reinforcing the company’s commitment to providing the best of both their plastic and printed products.

The June preview also promises an exciting line-up. Subscribers can anticipate the next phase of Armada content, War In the Holds part one – Ratkin Units, and Veer-myn Units. Highlights include the second half of the Basilean and Orc Fleets for Armada, Ratkin Shock Troop Upgrade for Kings of War, and Veer-myn Volt Chasers for Deadzone. In addition, subscribers can look forward to the second half of the Armada scenery pack, enabling them to replace cardboard tokens with 3D printed large islands.

The Mantic team also shared a glimpse of the upcoming “Pets Pack,” a special reward for subscribers who have 3 separate months of releases. This bonus pack contains sprue extras, including the company’s popular snow foxes, allowing subscribers to expand their 3D printed collections.


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