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Lord of the Rings Online explains why it doesn’t have full voiceovers

While Lord of the Rings Online isn’t devoid of spoken dialogue — players note that a lot of the epic quests in particular feature at least a full voiced line in addition to the wall of text — it’s not a fully voiced-over game. So how come?

Standing Stone Games explained this in response to a forum question, saying, “It’s a really tough challenge to solve, though — there’s so much text in the game, and recording VO for even the amount we do takes a lot of time. Quite often we’re still writing dangerously close to the deadline, which isn’t something our localization expert appreciates.”

In other LOTRO news, the studio pushed out a second small patch this week with additional fixes and brought back the Hobnanigans event.

Players on the Crickhollow server announced that they’re holding Winterfest 2022 from December 9th through the 11th with (virtual) snacks and a full line-up of bands performing tunes in front of Thorin’s Hall.


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