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Looney Labs Announces 2023 Lineup: ‘Across America Fluxx’ and ‘Around the World Fluxx’ – Tabletop Gaming News

Looney Labs recently released its first two releases for 2023: ‘Across America Fluxx’ and ‘Around the World Fluxx.’ The firm has also hinted at a third release, the ‘Fluxx: The Board Game Compact Edition,’ which is expected to hit the retail market on July 7, 2023.

In ‘Across America Fluxx,’ players embark on a virtual road trip across the United States, encountering 22 beautifully illustrated landmarks. This version of Fluxx is a complete blend of thematic New Rules and Actions, stunning artwork, and a generous dose of daydreaming. Players can expect a ‘Lost Luggage Action,’ but there are no Creepers in this edition.

Following closely, Looney Labs released ‘Around the World Fluxx,’ offering players a journey around the globe in 100 cards. This version of Fluxx features 25 world-famous landmarks and a variety of fun new Actions and New Rules. Once again, players may face a ‘Luggage Mishap Action,’ but no Creepers are present to spoil the family trip.

The best part about these two new Fluxx games is that they can be combined to double the travel-themed fun. They are also compatible with the ‘Timeline’ mini-game, providing additional layers of gameplay.

These releases align perfectly with the summer travel season, providing an innovative and entertaining companion for families during their holiday journeys.


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