League of Legends announce changes coming up for Ranked in 2023

Riot Games is preparing to bring changes to Ranked in League of Legends next year. It is expected that these updates will soon be accessible on the Public Beta Environment.

Chris “Riot Auberaun” Roberts, the League of Legends Product Lead, reveals in a new announcement that there will be two Ranked resets in Season 2023. The first split will begin in January 2023, while the second will begin in the middle of the year. In addition to these modifications, the promotion series between tiers will be changed from Best of 5 to Best of 3, and the visible rank influence from matches will be removed.

These changes in Ranked were made as the majority of players achieve their ranked objectives by the middle of the year, leaving them with little to accomplish. Some players continue to grind, while others drop out of Ranked or resort to smurfing, which goes against Riot’s core goals for the Ranked League.

Meanwhile, Riot Games will also be upgrading the rewards from playing Ranked to include items such as Hextech Keys, Chests, and some other goodies to unlock along the progression track each split. The way these rewards are earned has been simplified from previous Ranked rewards. 

Riot Games will also raise the number of rewards and place more earlier on the track. At the same time, the number of games required to reach each of the existing rewards was also reduced. With the new update, players will simply get more points for a win and slightly fewer for a loss. 

Since the release of Victorious Jarvan in 2011, the model of the Victorious Skin has remained unchanged. Since then, League of Legends has always awarded players who ended a season at Gold or above. However, this has caused a few issues. In the new update, Gold players and above will still get the skins and chromas that will be delivered at the end of the split immediately after completing placements, but now players below them will have the opportunity to win the skins if they put in the effort. These players must play a much bigger amount of games to earn it. In addition, Silver players will unlock the skin as soon as they reach Gold, even if they drop back down to Silver.

These significant changes to Ranked will continue to be evaluated closely during each split. For more details, keep an eye out for an upcoming video from the League of Legends team, covering the Ranked changes in 2023.

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