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LBLOCK/USD Bounces Back to the Upside

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Downside pressure has been active in the LBLOCK/USDT market, however, this crypto is just too strong to succumb to headwind. Consequently, there has been some significant recovery in the Lucky Block price action

Lucky Block: November 2nd, 2022
LBLOCK Value: $0.0002082
Market Capitalization for Lucky Block: $0.79 million
LBLOCK Flowing Supply: —–
Total Supply of Lucky Block: 3.65 billion
LBLOCK Coinmarketcap Rank: #3477

Crucial Price Marks:
Top Levels: $0.0002082, $0.0002100, $0.0002120
Base Levels: $0.0002070, $0.0002050, $0.0002030

Lucky Block Worth Prediction: LBLOCK/USD Reclaims the 50 Fibonacci Level

As earlier stated, after the headwind has pushed back at Lucky Block Price, significant buying soon resumes. Subsequently, this has caused price activity to reclaim its position above the 50 Fibonacci levels on the four-hour chart. At this point price action appears to be gathering a considerable amount of upside strength, as it moves closer to the MA line. The MACD curves seem to be approaching each other for an upside crossover, with the leading line just below the equilibrium point. Adding up market signs together, we can predict that price action is preparing to reclaim higher levels above the $0.0002150 price level.

Lucky Block Worth Prediction: LBLOCK/USDT Bounces Back to the Upside

Lucky Block Worth Prediction: LBLOCK/USD Maintains Upside Optimism

Coming to a LBLOCK shorter time frame of 1-hour, it could be seen that price movement has reached the level of the MA line. Consequently, with a little more effort from the buyers, we will be witnessing an uptrend in this market. Also, the MACD indicator curves have given a bullish crossover below the 0.00 level. In addition, the MACD curves are now journeying towards the 0.00 line, by implication, this portrays a build-up in upside momentum. And, eventually, lucky Block price may soon achieve the above-stated market performance.

Lucky Block (LBLOCK) token burn has occurred today. This is the tx hash for the 1% burn.

The Eco-friendly cryptocurrency IMPT is token concerned with turning around the space of carbon credits. Also, the presale program which was conducted for it has been breaking boundaries, as it has gathered $12 million. Consequently, the price of this token has steadily increased over the presale.

The latest Cryptocurrency signal platform Dash 2 Trade has raised roughly $4 million via its presale program. This project is directed at facilitating and enhancing trading experience for people within its community of 70,000 individuals.

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