Konami supposedly has multiple unannounced projects for 2023 :

No company has caused more discussion in the last couple of years than Konami. In the 2010s, the company made headlines for kicking famed developer Hideo Kojima out the door and then taking Metal Gear Solid down a misguided path. Plus, the company seemed focused more on making a profit in the gambling industry than the gaming one. 

Those goals have changed since COVID. Konami now seems more focused on re-introducing some of their biggest franchises the right way. And it looks like the plan is to do more in 2023. In the latest Famitsu, Konami left this quote for fans.

Happy New Year to all game fans! Thank you very much for enjoying many of Konami’s games last year. This year is known as the Year of the Rabbit, and we are planning power-ups and new developments for our well-known series, aiming to make even greater strides.

Furthermore, we have yet to announce new projects to you are also quietly underway. So please look forward to Konami’s further progress this year.

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I feel like this is a monkey paw situation. On the one hand, Konami has a massive amount of IP that hasn’t been touched in years that is ripe for returns or reboots. On the other hand, this current iteration of the company hasn’t had the best track record with its library of franchises (see Metal Gear Rising and Contra: Rogue Corps.) 

Maybe Konami finally realized they needed to turn a corner back to making great games for their IP? Pachinko machine jokes aside, their overreliance on them caused a massive financial loss during COVID. I’m sure that has a significant hand in how business ideology has changed for the company.

Whatever Konami has cooking potentially, we’ll keep readers informed on all the latest updates and announcements down the line. What franchise would you like to see return from Konami? Let us know in the comments below.

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