Kandria release date trailer reveals January 2023 launch

Kandria, an upcoming indie hack and slash game with hand-crafted rooms, has officially announced that it will launch on January 11th, 2023. It will be available on Steam and Itch, and it will also be directly downloadable on the official website.

You can watch Kandria’s new trailer on publisher Nicolas Hafner’s YouTube channel here:

Kandria was developed by Shirakumo Games, whose only other title was Eternia: Pet Whisperer. The game was a very tiny visual novel, and a world apart from Kandria. It’s clear that Kandria is filled with an enormous amount of effort. Although it’s another post-apocalyptic indie, the artwork and mechanics do look interesting.

Kandria promises a lot of freedom, which is pretty unusual for such small titles, and even for the hack-and-slash genre. There are more than a few RPG elements, where players can fish, fill out an encylopedia, or even trade with merchants. The entire map is free to explore from the get-go, and players can choose their quests or dialogue from 50 different quests.

But perhaps one of the most remarkable highlights of the game is the built-in level editor, explained on the Steam product page. Players will have the ability to create their own games and share them with other fans, whose own creativity has revived even the largest AAA titles.

This kind of feature is rare for indie games, and was certainly a big hurdle to integrate well. The gesture should not be underappreciated, and it’s a clever way to help build a loyal community for both Kandria’s success and future titles from the small dev team.

Kandria may look like an indie game, but it boasts a profoundly wide variety of features. Hopefully, its ambition will function properly, and the team will get the attention they deserve.

You can read more about Kandria and other upcoming indies by following our news section!

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