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Intel in 2022: year in review

How did Intel fare in 2022? In many respects, this was a bit of a rollercoaster ride of a year for Team Blue, with some highs, and some marked lows. Let’s dive straight in and take a close look at where Intel made good progress this year, and where things came off the tracks to a lesser – or greater – extent.

Raptors on the loose

Early in 2022, Intel made progress in gaining desktop market share back from AMD with robust Alder Lake processor sales, and followed that up strongly later in the year with the launch of new 13th-gen CPUs.

Intel unleashed its Raptor Lake processors in October 2022, or at least the first bunch of desktop CPUs led by the flagship Core i9-13900K. And despite this being ‘just’ a refresh of Alder Lake on paper, the 13th-gen newcomers added a lot of pep into the mix over and above Intel’s 12th-gen. Raptor Lake bristled with far more efficiency cores, it ramped up cache, and performance received a good boost over Alder Lake overall.

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The flagship 13900K blew us away in terms of multi-core performance in particular, and is a seriously good heavyweight chip, although it is power-hungry, and obviously not cheap. Further down the Raptor Lake range there were CPUs that also shone, though, and the Core i5-13600K turned out to be a more affordable option that offered great gaming performance at an excellent value proposition.

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