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Indie roguelite Flame Keeper reveals new extended gameplay

Flame Keeper, an upcoming action roguelite from developer Kautki Cave and publisher Untold Tales, has just released an extensive new gameplay showcase featuring nearly half an hour of footage.

Play tests just began last week on January 30th, so there is currently no confirmed release date. According to the official Twitter feed, an Early Access version of Flame Keeper is still expected early this year, and it will be available on both PC and consoles.

Here’s the latest gameplay reveal from Untold Tales’ official YouTube channel:

Announced in December 2022, Flame Keeper has made a pretty bold move by officially releasing so much gameplay online, despite the recent play tests. However, although it spoils quite a bit, it’s certainly a joy to see and also promotes quite a lot of confidence.

Flame Keeper has a remarkably clever premise, which is probably going to be the deciding factor for most curious gamers to invest or not. To begin with, using health as an action resource is somewhat rare in either video games or tabletop, though far more prevalent in the latter. But the setting, lore, and art design are undeniably creative.

The environments and enemies are so shadowy, the contrast lends more significance to your protagonist “Ignis” and their adventure. Since the plot revolves around liberation, the concept of a single light in the dark is thematically fitting.

Today’s footage shows off a variety of different moves, and how they might apply to enemies. This early on in the game, it all looks like pretty basic, with area-of-effect moves for swarms and so forth. But the official Steam page mentions the ability to “mix and match” skills or passive abilities. So, Flame Keeper could potentially find just the right combination of density and breezy action.

You can read more about Flame Keeper, Untold Tales, and other upcoming indies by checking out the rest of our news section.

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