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How To Turn The Boring Windows Copy Progress Dialog Into A Game

Step 1: To begin, download Git for Windows and install it. You will get a tool called Git Bash, which is a command line editor similar to Command Prompt but with more powerful features. We recommend downloading the 64-bit variant unless you are running a very old PC that still runs on an x86 (32-bit) processor. You can use Microsoft’s official guide to determine whether your PC runs a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows.

Step 2: Create a folder where you can store the installation files for the game.

Step 3: Right-click on the folder and click “Git Bash Here.”

Step 4: A Git Bash window will open after running the command. In this window, type the following commands after the $ sign and press Enter after each:

git clone

git submodule init

git submodule update

Step 5: The installation files will have been downloaded in the folder you created earlier. Now, download and install Microsoft Visual Studio.

Step 6: Open Copy Dialog Lunar Lander.sln from the folder we created earlier in Microsoft Visual Studio. Make sure you do not change the code that opens in the editor box.

Step 7: Click on Build from the Menu Bar and then click on Build Solution. Alternatively, you can also press Ctrl+Shift+B.

Step 8: To run the code we just built, we need to click on Debug > Start Without Debugging

This will activate the Copy Dialog Lunar Lander on your copy dialog boxes. You can now enjoy hopping from one mound to another on different planetary surfaces.

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