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Horizon Forbidden West Writer Joins The New Fable Team – Guide Fall

Game designer Peter Molyneux championed a gameplay mechanic which has taken many forms. Now, his flagship series is returning. The Fable games have a strong community, and a new sequel is getting writing help from a former member of the Horizon Forbidden West team. The studio behind the new game is Playground Games, most known for its Forza Horizon racing series. With an experienced fantasy writer joining their team, it looks like Fable is gearing up for a proper revival.

Andrew Walsh Returns To Fable

Lionhead Studios released the very first Fable game in 2005 with Peter Molyneux as the lead designer. It grew into a sizeable series that developed a passionate fanbase who are preparing for the newly announced Fable sequel. Part of this announcement revolves around Andrew Walsh, a senior who most recently worked on Horizon Forbidden West which was released earlier this year. The Tech Game describes Walsh joining the Playground Games team as their new senior writer, him having previously worked on a Fable game before. Unfortunately, Fable Legends would never see the light of day, but Walsh has expressed excitement over being able to work on this IP once again.

Fable stood out for having a stylized fantasy appearance similar to Warcraft, but its morality mechanic truly defined its gameplay. In every game, you control a hero caught in a conflict threatening to tear the land of Albion apart. Depending on choices made, the character will become either Good or Evil, which will noticeably change their physical appearance. It also affects which options and abilities become available in the future. All this combined created a well-received third-person RPG that is just waiting to be revived.

Thanks to the efforts of Playdead Games, the Fable series has a bright future. More details are expected to release in the summer of 2023. With Andrew Walsh leading the writing after Horizon Forbidden West, there’s a lot of experience among the dev team.

Will Quick is a freelance media wizard living in Spain. When he’s not gaming or writing, he’s doodling comics or whatever else pops in his head.

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