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Horizon Call of the Mountain’s Protagonist is a Former Shadow Carja Looking to Restore His Honour

Aloy is obviously the face of the Horizon franchise, having served as the protagonist in both Zero Dawn and Forbidden West, and though she’s set to make another appearance in the upcoming Horizon Call of the Mountain, the Guerrilla and Firesprite-developed PlayStation VR2 title will not star her as its protagonist.

Taking to Twitter, Guerrilla has revealed who the protagonist is going to be- Ryas, a former Shadow Carja who has gone on to become a master hunter. Described as “driven and skilled”, he has a lot of regrets from his days with the Shadow Carja and “has lost faith in himself”, while he’s also “a capable fighter and machine hunter” and “adept with the bow”- which all makes sense, given Call of the Mountain’s first person climbing and ranged combat gameplay core.

“Not much is known about his appearance,” Guerrilla says about Ryas. “Although he has kept some of his Shadow Carja gear, he has scrubbed all marking and insignia from it. He knows his past actions, including his role in the sequestration of the young Prince Itamen, will never be forgiven by the world. Still, he seeks to regain his honour.”

Horizon Call of the Mountain is set to launch as a PlayStation VR2 launch title on February 22, 2023, with pre-orders for the game now open.

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