Hokko Life’s The World Shrines update introduces Teleportation shrines, house expansion, fixes, and more

Hokko Life is a cozy, community simulator game developed by Wonderscope and published by Team17. Since its full launch in September 2022, Hokko Life has been releasing updates and seasonal events. Recently, Hokko Life reveals the brand-new The World Shrines update, featuring Teleportation shrines, house expansion, a new location, and more.

In The World Shrines update of Hokko Life, players can now expand their housing. In doing so, they must interact with a home to build a roomy upstairs or downstairs and design it as they see fit. One of the highlights of the latest update is The World Shrines, which will enable players to teleport between locations, making travel in Hokko Life easier than ever before. Simply donate resources to shrines to unlock this feature and be able to teleport between locations.

Furthermore, The World Shrines update will now allow players to see and manage their created and downloaded designs. In the My Designs Tab, players may remove their designs and see the amount of space each one occupies. Hokko Life has also introduced a new site to Aubrey’s Farm where players may now enter and decorate the small barn.

In addition to the new features, Hokko Life’s latest version includes several fixes, changes, and enhancements. Specifically, the Mayor Merits screen has been redesigned and now provides tips on how to use unlocked features. Some merits’ requirements have also been decreased to make them simpler to get. As a result of player feedback, Hokko Life has enhanced the main introduction flow to help new players through the beginning of the game and provided an on-screen guide to let them know what to do next.

Meanwhile, here’s an overview of all new additions featured in The World Shrines update of Hokko Life:

New Additions

  • Community: Expandable Housing: Interact with a home to add either an upstairs or downstairs room!
  • World Shrines: Donate resources to shrines around the world to unlock them and teleport between locations!
  • Added a quest tracker on the HUD, showing main quest steps, as well as any villager requests the player is tracking
  • Community: Added a tab for Player Creations in the Design Tool, from here you can:
  • Browse all the furniture creations in the game’s save data and:
  • Craft a copy of any of the designs
  • See how much disk space each design takes up
  • Delete designs
  • See how much space all of your furniture creations take up relative to how much space is available
  • New Barn location! You can now go inside the small barn on Aubrey’s Farm

You can read more about The World Shrine in a patch note published on the Hokko Life Steam page.

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