Here Are the Results of Splatoon 3’s First Big Run Event


The competition was fierce for the first Big Run event in Splatoon 3. Here are the scores you needed to net each reward tier.

The first Big Run event of Splatoon 3’s Chill Season took place this weekend, and the results are in. The invading Salmonid enemies were successfully warded off, and rewards are based on how well each player performed compared to others around the world.

For those unaware, Big Run is an event that is part of the Salmon Run game mode, but occasionally, Salmonid swarms overtake the normal game mode stages. This weekend, players worked to defend Wahoo World. The event kept track of the highest number of eggs each player was able to collect across each round of three waves.

The high score you achieved during this Big Run dictates the reward you receive as a percentile of other players’ scores. Specifically, you get a gold, silver, bronze, or participation locker trophy and Splashtag badge based on how well you did.

The top 5% of players received gold rewards, the top 20% received silver rewards, and the top 50% received bronze rewards. Everyone in the bottom 50% received participation rewards.

Here’s how many eggs you needed to have as your high score in order to get each reward:

As you can see, the competition was fierce. You needed to have a high score of 137 eggs or more to be in the top 5% for gold rewards, 113 eggs or more to be in the top 20% for silver rewards, and 88 eggs or more to be in the top 50% for bronze rewards.

If you aren’t sure what your high score was, you can see it in the top right corner of the screen during the in-game results the next time you boot up your game. As you can see, my own high score was 102 eggs, which I thought was a lot, but it was only enough for the bronze-tier rewards.

To collect your rewards, all you have to do is boot up your game and watch the results on the newscast. Afterward, you’ll receive your trophy locker decoration and Splashtag badge to show off to the world how you did.

If you didn’t get a chance to participate in this very first Big Run event, there will be more in the future. There is no set schedule for when they occur, but like Splatfest events, they will be announced in-game a week or two ahead of time.

If you are curious about Splatoon 3 but don’t yet have the game, you can read our official review right here. The game recently won Best Multiplayer Game during The Game Awards 2022.

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