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Happy Birthday to GamingOnLinux – 14 years old today

You may have noticed the website acting up a little lately, well that’s because it’s well into its teens now. Happy Birthday to GamingOnLinux, the tiny little site I thought no one would visit but here we are 14 years later. Now we see around a million visitors a month, and I still can’t quite believe it.

From the early days of Loki and Linux Game Publishing to the launches of the Humble Indie Bundle, Steam for Linux, Proton and the Steam Deck — never a dull moment huh? A big big thank you to everyone who has supported all of this over the years.

Want to help support the GamingOnLinux mission?

You can give your regular support over on  Patreon (which is the best way for me overall). This helps ensure there’s not adverts everywhere. Although there is a single spot for a sponsor but it’s not really used.

All other donations, without any special rewards can be done by:

You can also buy games using GamingOnLinux affiliate / partner links:

You can find all the links to support GamingOnLinux on this dedicated page any time.

Who knows what the industry will look like in another 14 years. Will we have some sort of chip in our brains? Will Valve count to three finally? How about a new living room Steam Machine? Perhaps we will be on the Steam Deck 5 by then and everyone will be running Linux on their desktop. One can dream right?

Remember you can easily use the RSS Feed to keep up to date. All article tags (at the bottom of articles) also have an RSS feed so you can follow exactly what you want.

Thanks again for being here.

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