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Get a Sneak Peek of the Epic Blacktalon Animation with New Teaser Trailer – Tabletop Gaming News

Fans of the Warhammer universe are eagerly awaiting the release of the upcoming six-episode Blacktalon animation series, and now they can get their first taste of what’s to come with a special teaser released by the franchise.

The teaser introduces viewers to Neave Blacktalon, one of Sigmar’s fiercest and most dedicated hunters. As a legendary Knight-Zephyros, Neave is able to ride the winds aetheric, using her lightning-fast speed and twin axes to take down her enemies with precision and skill.

But as viewers will soon discover, Neave is not only battling the Nurglesque epidemic that threatens the Mortal Realms – she’s also battling her own memories. Like many Stormcast Eternals, Neave has no memory of her past life before her first Reforging, and each death steals away a little more of her humanity.

The Blacktalon animation promises to be action-packed and full of intrigue as viewers follow Neave’s journey to save the Mortal Realms from the clutches of the Maggotkin. Fans of the Warhammer franchise will also recognize Neave from her appearance in the short story “The Long Run” and her own miniature.

The Blacktalon animation will be available exclusively on Warhammer+, the franchise’s streaming service, in the near future.

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