Gamedec Definitive Edition PS5 Confirmed For Early 2023 Release

Gamedec: Definitive Edition will be released for PS5 in early 2023, Perp Games an Anshar Studios have announced. The game will be available as a digital download and a physical release, with the PS Store now giving you the chance to Wishlist the game.

Jake Kinta, head of Anshar Studios, commented:

We are excited Gamedec has a chance to hit the major league. The topic of a potential Gamedec release on PlayStation has been floating around since the crowdfunding campaign back in 2020. The partnership with Perp Games allows us to reach out to the new gamers, who surely will appreciate the extensive branching path the game has.

We are aware the roster of PlayStation titles also shows, people are demanding games with choices and consequences. We hope you will feel the weight of the decisions faced by the detectives in the 22nd Century.

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For the uninitiated, Gamedec takes the form of a narrative-heavy adventure with players hunting down the criminals of virtual worlds as a digital detective. In this non-combat story, you’ll dig into files spread across the digital worlds of 22nd century Warsaw, with every response critical to how you progress in the case.

From rich business folk to corporations that plan to rewrite history, you’ll encounter all manner of unscrupulous folk in your adventure, and it’s up to you to find out if they are working alone or mere puppets to a larger entity. Every choice you make will change the world around you and your character’s personality, and not all decisions will necessarily feel like the right one…

Gamedec is released for PS5 in early 2023.

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