Fortnite’s v22.30 Update Adds New Stars Wars Skins And Weapons

In order to celebrate Skywalker Week, Epic Games have confirmed that three classic characters from the world of Star Wars will be joining Fortnite with their very own skins, quests, and other cosmetic items. All of which are available via the in-game Item Shop until November 8th at 9AM ET.

Following the release of the v22.30 update earlier today, Epic Games confirmed in a new blog post that the original trio of Star Wars heroes will receive brand-new skins. Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia all have new outfits based around ‘A New Hope’ and ‘Return of the Jedi’.


“During Skywalker Week, take up Luke Skywalker’s lightsabers from A New Hope and Return of the Jedi, drop his X-34 Landspeeder on opponents, and once again shoot with the Stormtroopers’ signature weapon. Also, pick up the Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and Han Solo Outfits in the Item Shop starting now”, reads the official blog post by Epic Games.

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If you’ve been saving up your v-bucks, three new outfits and accessories are now available as part of the ‘Original Trilogy’ set. Details on all of the new cosmetic items can be found below:


  • Luke Skywalker Outfit: Force-sensitive farmer and galactic hero.
  • Training Remote Back Bling: You better get on with your exercises. (Included with the Luke Skywalker Outfit.)
  • Slugthrower Rifle Pickaxe: Trusty rifle to have at your side while navigating the Jundland Wastes.
  • X-34 Landspeeder Glider: Ever since the XP-38 came out, they just aren’t in demand.


  • Leia Organa Outfit: Princess. Senator. Rebel. Icon.
  • R2-D2 Back Bling: Plucky astromech droid. (Included with the Leia Organa Outfit.)
  • Electrostaff Pickaxe: One of many weapons in a bounty hunter’s arsenal.


  • Han Solo Outfit: Smuggler. Scoundrel. Scruffy-looking nerf herder.
  • Millennium Falcon Back Bling: She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid. (Included with the Han Solo Outfit.)
  • Vibro-staff Pickaxe: Boba Fett? Where?

Alongside the arrival of new skins, the update also includes new special quests for players to complete for some extra XP, unvaulted Star Wars weapons, Luke’s Blue Lightsaber from A New Hope, and Luke’s Green Lightsaber from Return of the Jedi. All of these special quests and items will be available in-game until Skywalker Week comes to an end on November 8th.

For a full breakdown of everything else included in the v22.30 Fortnite update, make sure to check out the official patch notes on the Epic Games website.

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