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Fortnite launches collaboration with Rocket League featuring new set of High Octane challenges

Fortnite’s version 22.40 update just went live yesterday and it featured quite a power-packed collaboration with its sister game Rocket League. The update has been named High Octane and rightly so since it brings the iconic Octane car from the arcade-style soccer game among other new inclusions.

Octane was already a part of Fortnite before as it was made available in the Creative Mode when v22.10 launched. Although from there, the race car has zoomed into Battle Royale and Zero Build, bringing with it a tonne of chaos.

Fortnite already has its own set of vehicles but this one from Rocket League isn’t going to be anything like them. Octane is a one of its kind rocket-powered car that can achieve insane tasks like travelling at supersonic speeds, climbing up walls, and flying too. Players can even double jump and dodge in it to get around the map.

The High Octane event will remain active in Fortnite until December 3rd, giving players numerous quests to complete in order to gain items and a lot of much-needed XP as we draw nearer to the end of the season. Some of these missions must be completed in the High Octane Discover which has islands made by the creator during the Octane Callout.

Here’s a look at what rewards players can expect when finishing the High Octane challenges

  • Two quests – Back Board Back Bling and its Aerial Assist Style and Shot in Flight Emoticon
  • Four quests – ‘Brella Beach Style of Back Board Back Bling and Octane Smash Spray
  • Six quests – Battle-car Blaze Style for the Back Bling
  • Eight quests – Fifty-Fifty Style and the Clutch Victory Pickaxe

This hardly seems fair though, right? Fortnite players get to enjoy Octane, but what about those playing Rocket League and Sideswipe? Fear not, because Whiplash from Fortnite has found its way to Rocket League.

And what’s more is that players who complete eight High Octane Quests will unlock a range of rewards in Rocket League that include the Whiplash Car, Whiplash Wheels, and Decals with Flames, Stripes, Wings, and Lightning.

Download Fortnite now from the official website or play on XCloud.

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