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Fortnite: how to hire a specialist and give a command

As part of Fortnite’s Spring Breakout Daily Quests, players are tasked with giving a hired specialist character a command. Of course, the game doesn’t specify how to do this exactly, leading to some confusion amongst the community. Thankfully, we’ve got everything you need to know about completing this new quest with ease in Fortnite.

How to hire a specialist

Specialist Characters are specific NPCs all around the map. If you pull up the quest itself, you’ll actually see a map of all the Specialist Characters. Keep in mind that not all NPCs fall into this category, so be sure to look at the map. We like the one to the very north of Breakwater Bay as it’s usually out of the way. Once you find them, you’ll need to pay 200 Gold Bars to hire them. If you don’t have the funds, be sure to play more and complete bounties as needed.

How to give a character a command

After you’ve hired the Specialist Character, they’ll be on your side for the duration of the match. If you look at the top left side of the screen, you’ll see an icon that represents the Follower Communications wheel. Press and hold left on the D-pad on console or the middle mouse button on PC to get this menu to appear. Once it does, you can pick from a list of commands such as wait or follow. To complete the quest, you simply need to issue one command and after the NPC does what you ask, you’ll earn credit for completing it.

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