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Fortnite Chapter 4 Map Revealed

Get a look at where you’ll be Battle Royaling from next.

Fortnite Chapter 4’s new map has been leaked on Twitter just a few hours before the official reveal trailer, and it seems to take place in outer space.

Although the official reveal of Chapter 4 isn’t supposed to happen for another few hours, it seems that the trailer has yet again been leaked before Epic has a chance to officially show it off. The trailer is now floating around social media and has been shared across the community. The biggest thing to come from it, aside from some new collaborations, is a look at Chapter 4’s map.

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The image of the map comes from reliable Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR and, as the teasers for the new chapter have been suggesting for some time, seems to tease that we’re going to space. It’s hard to make out too many of the landmarks currently as the picture is quite zoomed out, but it looks as if the world has just been lifted from the Earth and plonked down somewhere in space.


Even if we can’t make out too many landmarks from this one image, it does tell us that the map will be split into several different biomes, like it usually does. Some eagle-eyed fans have also been able to spot points of interest like Lucky’s Landing, implying that some of the map will feature old locations that we’ve come to know and love.

Unfortunately, despite the trailer leaking early, the cinematic ends before showing off any gameplay or revealing too much about the map. It seems likely that anti-gravity will play into gameplay somehow, though, as the big new thing with the map is that it’s set in outer space. We’ll have to wait for the official reveal for more details there, though.

This new theme probably isn’t too surprising to most Fortnite players, as Epic has been releasing teasers over the past few weeks that show characters floating around. That, and the fact that the event is called Fracture, seemed to imply that something big was about to happen to The Island.

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