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Flying dogs that live on a whale, Flock of Dogs sounds weird and you can try it free

Flock of Dogs from dev Max Clark is a thoroughly odd and unique top-down, action and adventure game about dogs flying around that live on a whale. It released in Early Access on Steam recently, with a little mini-park you can mess about in for free. The developer said it’s inspired by “storybooks, cartoons, and neighborhood parks”.

Split into two parts with the mini-park being free, you do have to pay for the rest of the actual game which will come as a DLC at some point later. In the mini-game you get to do this free:

  • Joust on dogback, feed your whale, race on tracks you design.
  • Customize your dog at the Build-A-Pup 3000.
  • Toss squeaky balls, pop balloons, and mow the lawn.
  • Help the grumpy park ranger uncover sacred park secrets.

Flight to the Festival, the paid DLC, whenever it arrives will have this:

  • Go on a co-op, procedurally generated, road trip through the sky.
  • Feed and water your dogs and puppies.
  • Descend into caves, battle across the Blue Blob Lands, pick up hitchhikers.
  • Pilot a friendly skywhale, use its large belly to stash your loot.

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