Fitness Boxing: Fist of the North Star Switch demo available in Japan

There are plenty of exergames on the Switch, but Fitness Boxing: Fist of the North Star may be one of the most unique. This mash-up of the Fitness Boxing and Fist of the North Star franchises seems like it came out of nowhere, but I guess there are plenty of fans of the anime/manga that would love to look like like the series’ characters. Certainly a little bit of exercise would be a great way to make that happen!

For those who are eager to check this one out, a demo for Fitness Boxing Fist of the North Star is now available on the Switch eShop in Japan. As usual, the Switch eShop is region-free, so make yourself a Japanese account and you can grab the demo right now.

The Fitness Boxing Fist of the North Star demo includes two playable boxing instructors; Kenshiro and Mamiya. You’ll also get 3 days’ worth of gameplay from the demo, so 3 different daily routines to participate in. Finally, there’s a “fierce battle” stage included, which will pit you against Shin.

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