First Battlefield 2042 season 4 and 5 details revealed and free trial launched

DICE has revealed the first details on Battlefield 2042’s next two seasons of live content and launched a free game trial.

While publisher EA originally committed to releasing four seasons of content for Battlefield 2042 over the course of a year, DICE recently confirmed that additional content was in the works too.

And in new blog post, the studio has officially confirmed plans to launch a fifth season in 2023.

Battlefield 2042 | Development Update – November 2022

Season 3 launched on November 22, when the game also joined the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play subscription services, and it’s set to introduce a reworked class-based system in early 2023.

“All our existing Specialists will be placed within defined roles with a set of gadgets and equipment that best suit their purpose on the battlefield,” DICE said.

“While we’re not revealing them today, our Season 4 Specialist will be placed within the Recon class. This will also be the final Specialist that we’re planning to bring to Battlefield 2042.

“With the return to Classes and our roster of 14 in total, we are happy with the amount of Specialists and variety of gameplay that they will allow you to experience.”

Season 4 will also include a new Battle Pass, new hardware, and a new map designed for close-quarters combat.

Season 5 will include a similar mix of content as Season 4, minus the Specialist.

“In Season 5 you’re going to see us lean into previous games and how they can show up in the world of 2042,” DICE said. “The new Season 5 map coming will be a forgotten battleground that last saw combat in the Battlefield 4 era.

“An overgrown area, engulfed with vegetation and by the 2042 war. It will encourage a combination of vehicular and infantry combat meaning teamplay is the key to victory.”

EA is also offering free Battlefield 2042 access periods on all platforms this month. Xbox players can currently sample the game free of charge until December 4, Steam players can do so until December 5, and PlayStation players will be able to do so from December 16-23.

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