Fire Emblem Engage’s ‘Fogato’ and ‘Hortensia’ detailed

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems are back with another look at Fire Emblem Engage, and today gives us details on Hortensia and Fogato, who are voiced by Hina Kino and KENN, respectively, in the Japanese version, as translated by Perfectly-Nintendo.

Hortensia is the second Princess of the Kingdom of Elusia, and Ivy’s younger sister. She’s an innocent but somewhat selfish person, who cares a great deal about her relatives. On the orders of her father, the King of Elesia, she appears in front of Alear in order to steal their Emblem Rings. Just like Ivy, Hortensia’s starting class is Wing Tamer. In battle, she rides a pegasus, and attacks enemies with both Tomes and Staves.


Fogato is the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Solm, and Timerra’s younger brother. Because she is to become the future Queen, Fogato enjoyed more freedom than his elder sister while growing up. He’s a generous and optimistic person. It appears he’s travelling across the country to protect his people. Just like Timerra, Fogato’s starting class is Vigil. In battle, he rides horses and uses the bow.

The following video shows off Hortensia leading troops from Elusia and occupying a bridge leading to Brodia, and waiting for Alear to show up.

Staves are items that can be used by Framme’s starting class (Monk), and they offer various effects that can be used to support allies. For example, Heal can be used to heal Units, while other staves allow you to impede enemy movements by conjuring up obstacles and the likes. Those items are quite handy, but be careful: you can only use them a certain number of times!

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