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Fire Emblem Engage: how to get all Emblems

Fire Emblem characters are some of the most iconic and beloved of any series. Figures like Marth, Roy, Byleth, Ike, and many more have even appeared in Smash Bros. titles to introduce even more people to the series. Fire Emblem Engage is kind of a tribute to all those great characters thanks to the Emblem Ring system. These rings will not only let you summon your favorite heroes from the past, but also give you a bunch of buffs on top of that. With 12 in total, here’s how to get each Emblem in Fire Emblem Engage and what they do.

Note that Emblems can be leveled up all the way to level 20, with new skills unlocking at each level. We will only list out the base skills you start out with at level 1 to keep things brief.

How to unlock Marth

Marth is the first Emblem you get and is available right from the start. Here are what skills he gives you at level 1:
* Divine Speed: increases attack damage by 50%
* Avoid: increases avoidance by +10
* Lodestar Rush: attacks seven times for 30% damage each
* Perceptive: grants +15 avoidance when he initiates combat

How to unlock Sigurd

Unlocked in chapter 4, A Land in Bloom, Sigurd is a mounted unit that is all about movement and speed. Here are his skills:
* Gallop: a simple +5 to movement
* Canter: allows that unit to move two spaces after acting
* Hit: gives +10 to hit
* Override: attack and move through adjacent foes in a line

Celica being summoned.

How to unlock Celica

Cecilca comes up during chapter 5 as a magic user Emblem. Here’s what abilities she starts with:
* Magic: buffs magic by +2
* Holy Stance: if attacked by a Corrupted, 10% of the damage is reflected back
* Echo: can be used twice to do two 50% damage attacks
* Warp Ragnarok: allows you to teleport up to 10 spaces and do a massive attack

Micaiah being summoned.

How to unlock Micaiah

Alear and the team will collect Micaiah’s Emblem during chapter 6. She will serve as your most powerful healing asset.
* Resistance: +2 to resistance
* Cleric: allows the unit to equip staves as high as level C
* Augment: increases staff range by +5 and AoE by +1
* Great Sacrifice: fully restores all ally’s HP, but reduces that unit’s HP to 1

Roy with crossed arms.

How to unlock Roy

Roy is back, and you can get his Emblem Ring once you hit chapter 8 to get the following abilities:
* Strength: +1 to strength
* Hold Out: as long as your unit has 30% or more HP when combat starts, they can’t go below 1 HP that turn
* Rise Above: +5 level
* Blazing Lion: attacks in a three-tile-wide AoE, with that area, plus two additional rows, set on fire.

Leif clenching his fist.

How to unlock Leif

Leif joins the game in the same chapter as Roy, 8, and brings the following skills:
* Build: +3 to build
* Arms Shield: if attacked by a unit that has weapon advantage, reduces the damage taken by 3
* Adaptable: if an enemy initiates combat, your unit will counter with the best possible weapon they have
* Quadruple Hit: attacks once with a sword, spear, ax, and bow

Lucina relaxing.

How to unlock Lucina

Skipping chapter 9, Lucina arrives during chapter 10. Her skills are as follows:
* Dexterity: +1 dexterity
* Dual Strike: your unit will be able to do chain attacks like backup units
* Bonded Shield: an 80% chance to prevent first attacks on all adjacent allies until the next turn
* All for One: attacks all adjacent enemy units and allows all units within two spaces to chain attack

Lyn with her hands on her hips.

How to unlock Lyn

Before chapter 10 is done, you will also gain access to Lyn and her suite of abilities:
* Speed: +1 to speed
* Alacrity: if you start a battle against a unit that has 9 or less speed than you, any available units that can do follow-up attacks act before the opponent’s counterattack
* Call Doubles: summons four illusions that can perform chain attacks with you
* Astra Storm: fires off five bow attacks at 30% damage, each at up to 10 range

Ike pointing his sword.

How to unlock Ike

After hitting chapter 12, Ike will join the fight. Here’s what powers he’s packing:
* Defense: +1 defense
* Demolish: destroys a breakable piece of terrain in one shot using Destroy
* Resolve: as long as your unit’s HP is at or below 75%, it grants a defense and resistance buff of +5
* Laguz Friend: take 50% less damage, but reduces your avoidance stat to 0
* Great Aether: removes the ability to counter for a turn, but buffs defense and resistance to +5. On the following turn, attack a two-tile area and heal for 30% of the total damage dealt

Corrin smiling.

How to unlock Corrin

Arriving late in chapter 14, Corrin makes up for it with some powerful abilities:
* HP: a simple +5 to max HP
* Dragon Vein: places a special effect on targeted tiles
* Dreadful Aura: if you initiate combat, you can target a foe, plus foes adjacent to it, to be unable to move the next turn
* Torrential Roar: a three-tile long attack that also turns those spaces into water

Byleth being summoned.

How to unlock Byleth

Saving one of the best for near the end, the male version of Byleth has the following skills:
* Luck: +2 to luck
* Divine Pulse: grants a percentage chance based on luck to turn a missed attack into a hit
* Instruct: grants a bonus to any ally within two spaces based on their type for one turn
* Goddess Dance: gives all adjacent allies another action

Eirika posing with a sword.

How to unlock Eirika/Ephraim

The twins Eirika and Ephraim share an emblem and skills:
* Dodge: +10 to dodge
* Lunar Brace: when a unit starts combat with melee, deal bonus damage equal to 20% of the target’s defense
* Sacred Twins: while Eirika is engaged, swaps Lunar Brace and Gentility to Blue Skies for allies
* Twin Strike: after a sword strike, Ephraim will attack an adjacent foe with a spear

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