Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters might finally be coming to consol

(Pocket-lint) – All six Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster games look set to come to the PS4/5 and Nintendo Switch after receiving ESRB ratings for the first time.

The Square Enix games were already available on the PC via Steam, but there was no sign of any kind of console version – despite everyone assuming that there would be. Now, it looks like things are about to change with deals and leak-spotter @Wario64 spying the new entries in the United States ESRB database. That’s the database that every game has to go through in order to get a rating before going on sale.

The Pixel Remaster titles have proven popular since their release on Steam, but being able to play them on a PC isn’t quite the same as kicking back and playing on, say, the Switch. And that’s exactly what people will be able to do if this is all going to go the way we hope. Sure, there are iOS and Android versions but that isn’t quite the same, is it?


As for when that will happen, that’s anyone’s guess. The Final Fantasy 35th anniversary event kicks off on 13 December, so there’s the possibility that something will be announced then. But there’s the possibility that it won’t, too.

All we know is that we really hope this isn’t a false dawn because being able to play pixel-based Final Fantasy sounds like our kind of Christmas present.

Writing by Oliver Haslam.

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