Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Switch, PS4 ESRB Ratings Appear

It seems that the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster games are heading to the PS4 and Nintendo Switch. A new ratings leak appeared. This time, ratings appeared for FFI through FFVI for the PS4 and Switch via the ESRB website. None of the ratings specifically note Pixel Remaster in their title. However, each rating does match the one given to the PC versions available on Steam. Square Enix hasn’t officially announced anything yet. [Thanks, Cefaluu on Reddit!]

First, here’s a list of links to each potential Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster PS4 and Switch ESRB rating. Each one mentions it as a 2D game. They also all note the PC version.

  • Final Fantasy
  • Final Fantasy II
  • Final Fantasy III
  • Final Fantasy IV
  • Final Fantasy V
  • Final Fantasy VI

These remasters first appeared back in 2021. The series kicked off with Final Fantasy in July 2021. It ended when FFVI showed up in February 2022. Following their complete launch, people could get a $74.82 bundle on Steam that included all six games, as well as bonus wallpapers and original soundtracks.

The FFI through FFVI are available as part of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster on the PC and mobile devices, and it seems Switch and PS4 versions are also on the way.

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