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Final Fantasy 16 Finally Lets You Turn Off Motion Blur

One of the biggest complaints about Final Fantasy 16 at launch was its motion blur, with many describing it as “excessive”, “nauseating”, and “aggressive”. Yet there was no way to turn it off or even just tone it down. However, that changes today as a new update finally lets you adjust the strength.

“Announcing the release of update 1.03, which makes a number of improvements to Final Fantasy 16,” the official game’s account tweeted (as reported by Eurogamer). “Adds the following items to the System tab of the Main Menu: Motion Blur Strength […] The default setting is the maximum of five. This can be lowered to reduce the strength of the motion blur effect, or set to zero to turn it off completely.”

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This was also highlighted by Byron_Ouji on the Final Fantasy 16 subreddit, declaring that the “Motion Blur Update is now live!!!” Fans in the comments are ecstatic, shooting it to the top of the forum with 459 upvotes at the time of writing.”Oh thank fuck,” mikeconners77 simply said. “By the flames! My prayers have been answered!” SilentShadowzx wrote. “Yes!!! I purchased the game and installed it but haven’t played it yet. Was holding off until they fixed the motion blur. It is time!” workinfast1 said, echoing a sentiment several others shared.

The lack of motion blur controls was a problem as many players reported feeling sick because of it, which is why most games offer the option to turn it off or at least adjust it.

As reported by IGN, some players couldn’t even hack an hour of Final Fantasy 16 since it was giving them headaches or making them unwell. “I finally watched someone play who felt queasy from the motion blur. It’s as I thought: the way they use the camera is completely different,” Digital Foundry’s John Linneman explained. “They use fast, jerky movements and often try to fight the camera which tries to re-centre.”

Others in the comments said that only 45 minutes in, the default motion blur strength made them “very motion sick” or that it was distracting. Skatetilifly commented, “I cannot see what’s going on and it’s because unless you are running directly forward there is ALWAYS motion blur”.

Thankfully, motion blur can be turned off now, so if you’ve been waiting for the option before finally delving into Final Fantasy 16, now you can.

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