Ferrari Vision GT Makes Its Gran Turismo Debut In 1-Minute Trailer

A brief video featuring the Ferrari Vision GT, a car that exists only in the digital world, has appeared in a minute-long video posted on the Gran Turismo 7 official Twitter page. The futuristic automobile is scheduled to make its debut in the latest Gran Turismo title on December 23.

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The car made its debut as part of the Gran Turismo World Finals, which were held over the past weekend in Monte Carlo, Monaco, and coinciding with the racing series’ 25th anniversary event. The digital concept car has been in devlopment for two and a half years at Ferrari, Senior Vice President of Design Flavio Manzoni explained during the event, according to a story appearing on GTPlanet, and it presents a vision of the brand’s future. Every department at Ferrari was invloved in the creation process, particularly the aerodynamics and engineering departments, as they tried to envision “the supercar of the future.” Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi was also on hand for the unveiling, noting the Vision GT project has been nine years in the making.


“The idea was to create something that looks like a contradiction but it is not,” Manzoni explained. “We wanted to build something precise and sharp, but also organic. This contradiction makes something really special. It makes a new language and vocabulary that can inspire us in future years.”

Online fan reaction to the space-age Vision has been varied, but trending negative. A few have have praised its originality in design, while, user BrySkyeGaming pointed out that other digital concept cars have gone on to become actual, functional, real-world automobiles.

Still, most people responding to the thread have been less-than-impressed, and it seems they would have preferred for the inclusion of one of Ferrari’s existing models. “Excuse me, Kaz, but we would like real, current racing cars; not toy cars that serve as standards for Blade Runner and Demolition Man movies,” one Twitter user added in the comments, specifically requesting the inclusion of the Ferrari 296 GT3 ’22 and the Ferrari 499P ’22. Several others have commented that the Vision looks nothing like the image for which Ferrari is known outside of the logos on its front and sides.

A fairer assessment of fan reaction to the Ferrari Vision GT will be easier to establish after players actually get to drive it in Gran Turismo 7, starting December 23 on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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