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Far Cry 6 DLC takes you on a trip through alien worlds

Far Cry has never been this far out. Far Cry 6’s DLC, “Lost Between Worlds,” includes alien spaceships, simulated worlds, and all-new weird enemies. It comes out this December 6 and you can check out its announcement trailer now:


The island country of Yara has more to deal with than a dictator and a burgeoning rebellion. When protagonist Dani explores what seems to be a meteorite impact crater, they discover an alien spaceship containing an AI called Fai. This alien life form forces Dani to help repair the ship by putting them through a series of roguelike trials wherein you collect five lost shards. These trials entail going through fifteen “Rifts” that are strange simulations of Yara, where Dani must fight creatures known as Shardfaces. 

Each level presents a unique challenge. Some are underwater, others are constantly bombarded by lightning. Each also presents branching paths for the player to choose from and will test not just your combat skills but also your parkour and puzzle-solving abilities. What’s more, the enemies are color-coded—you will need to switch between the right colored ammo types to effectively damage them.

With each run, you’ll be able to open portals that persist so you can build a shortcut to a different point on the map. By unlocking the Fractal Bomb, you can destroy crystal walls and reveal new weapons and power-ups. You can also get a new grapple to help you reach out-of-the-way places. 

Lost Between Worlds is launching this December 6. Players who already have Far Cry 6 can get it standalone, or they can get it as part of the upgrade pass which contains both the expansion and the last season pass. Finally, the expansion is also part of the Far Cry 6 Game of the Year edition. 

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