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Fall Guys Introduces 3 New Street Fighter Character Skins

Fall Guys continues with its blockbuster crossovers, this time adding three skins from one of, if not the most iconic fighting game franchise of all time, Street Fighter. Starting today, players can get their hands on three new outfits to put on their stumbling beans, based on the classic Capcom characters, Ryu, Cammy, and Akuma.

These skins will sport the character’s original looks, so don’t expect the bearded, chest-baring Ryu from the upcoming Street Fighter 6. Instead, you’ll wear his traditional white Gi and red headband. The Cammy skin wears her usual green leotard and red beret, while Akuma’s has his standard blue-ish Gi and red spiky hair.


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Along with the skin, players will be able to purchase a Hadouken pose emote to match, which is not a bad way to taunt your opponent right as you’re about to cross the finish line. Recently, for Fall Guys’ space-themed Season 2 called Satellite Scramble, the game also added famous characters as outfits, such as Spock from Star Trek, the Xenomorph from Alien, and Hatsune Miko.

Only a few days ago did Fall Guys’ free-to-play Season 3 release, this one called Sunken Secrets, based on ocean floor terrains and underwater cities. The season brought five new rounds at launch. Blastatlantis is said to be built from “wrecked ruins” and has players trying to stay afloat while being shot at with Blast Balls. Hoop Chute is a successor to the old winter game Skifall, the main purpose of which is to jump through hoops to gain points.

Puzzle Path contains four labyrinths for players to navigate, but they vary every playthrough. Kraken Slam is one of the most original rounds a new season has added, as it has players jump between unsteady platforms as a Kraken smashes down on them sporadically with its tentacles. Finally, Speed Slider has players dive down a slippery terrain, avoiding obstacles, and racing to the finish line.

This final stage is only possible because Season 3 came a new mechanic called Dive Slide, which lets players continue the momentum of their dive after they land, the effectiveness of which varies by terrain. The season also brought new sea-based skins such as a Poseidon skin, aptly titled Poseibean, a crawfish skin, a ship captain skin, and more.

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