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Fab retro-fuelled FPS ‘Selaco’ gets a demo upgrade for Steam Deck / Linux

Selaco is one that really needs to be on your wishlist, a retro-fuelled FPS powered by GZDoom with some impressive world design and fantastic combat. The developers recently updated the demo too! No word yet on when it will release but one things for certain — it’s filled me full of hype for it after playing the updated demo.

More about it: “Selaco is a brand new original shooter running on GZDoom, featuring thrilling action set pieces, destructibility, smart AI and a fleshed out story taking place within an immersive game world. It draws inspiration heavily from F.E.A.R. in terms of action set pieces, while mixing traditional retro-FPS elements from QUAKE and DOOM, along with some more modern features. Together with professional artists who work in the industry, several having worked on successful throwback FPS games in the past, Selaco is a fully fleshed out world full of character, action, and mystery.”

Running great on desktop Linux – Fedora KDE

What they improved in the new demo:

  • Significant improvements to Engine Stability.
  • Improved Steam Deck and Linux support.
  • Full Controller Support for SPACE BRO.
  • Improved Smoke performance.
  • Slight tweaks to Pathfinding (the full game will use a completely new system that is more reliable and more performant).

They do note the full game will perform a lot better, as they didn’t pull in all in their recent development work, just some specific bits to make it work a little better.

With the new demo one issue I did encounter is that it would crash since I had it previously installed. If you had the same issue, remove the Selaco installed folder and re-install it. Some left-over files cause issues as Steam doesn’t remove them all for some reason.

Some new Steam Deck footage:

You can try the demo on Steam.

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