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Explore Forgotten Depths and Face Unique Challenges in Void Knight Games’ Co-Op Dungeon Adventure Game on Kickstarter – Tabletop Gaming News

Void Knight Games’ Kickstarter campaign for “Forgotten Depths – The Ever Chamber and Other Adventures” is now on Kickstarter, having already raised over $15,000 from a $12,000 goal with 27 days left to go. The campaign, which ends on May 25, promises four fantastic expansions to enhance gameplay, as well as a reprint of the base game.

“Forgotten Depths” is a 1-3 player co-op dungeon adventure game that combines unique tile-laying and hand-management mechanics to deliver a quick-playing but substantial experience of exploration and encounters. Players build the dungeon as they explore, playing a unique layout every time. The various dungeon elements players discover provide challenges and monsters to face through tactical play of the action card deck. The game offers high levels of player agency, allowing players to selectively choose what path to build and what elements to encounter.

Character progression is also a key feature of the game. Players can find and equip items, purchase abilities and spells, and earn XP to improve their character’s skills. The game offers three dungeon level “ecologies,” each with their own unique monsters, features, and hard-to-find legendary locations. Players will face 30 unique monsters and discover 30 unique dungeon features, with 12 hard-to-find legendary locations featuring unique encounters, treasures, and effects, including two difficult-to-obtain fabled swords.

The game offers six unique level bosses and a final boss with 27 possible configurations. Good play matters, and players must coordinate with their allies to optimize combat play.


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