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Experience the Sinking City with WaterSpire’s 3D Printable Buildings and Miniatures – Tabletop Gaming News

WaterSpire, a Kickstarter campaign featuring 3D printable buildings and miniatures for tabletop role-playing games and figurines, has exceeded its initial goal of £500 by raising over £14000 with 22 days still remaining in the campaign. The campaign ends on May 19.

WaterSpire is a project that was inspired by the love for Venetian architecture and the historic elements of the sinking city. The campaign features a range of terrain and miniatures that will enhance a variety of tabletop RPG games and will be the envy of all hobbyists.

The campaign invites gamers to imagine building a tabletop with terrain featuring canals, sinking buildings, and marshlands. Players can use the terrain to play out scenarios such as fighting a dark cult of deep ones in the marshlands that are slowly engulfing the city. The campaign promises to offer a unique gaming experience with interesting scenarios where time and space offer the ultimate battleground.

The Kickstarter campaign is delivering all the designs necessary to 3D print the sinking city scenarios of your dreams. No supports are required and all parts fit on standard FDM printers with space to spare. Great attention has been given to the architecture and the design is easy for beginners to print. The buildings come with playable inside areas and miniature base placement has been carefully considered with pegs for alignment and fitting parts together.


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