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Evil Dead: The Game’s new Splatter Royale mode launches for free

If you love the Evil Dead, you’ll love Evil Dead: The Game. And in turn we guess you’ll love the new free Splatter Royale mode that is rolling out for the game. 

Evil Dead: The Game is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC (Epic), giving players the opportunity to enjoy some pulse pounding battles against the forces of darkness. A cooperative affair, as a group of Survivors you’ll be looking to take down the Kandarian Demon – or as the Demon you’ll get to fight back. 

With fan favourite characters in place, and a ton of different weapons available for use, taking on the death and destruction in Evil Dead: The Game is a ton of fun; especially if you’re playing as a Demon. In fact, we gave the base game a 3/5 review score, really only complaining that the single player side of things was lacking and the combat felt a bit unbalanced. 

But now Evil Dead: The Game is switching things up, with a new free Splatter Royale, battle royale-styled game mode. 

With Splatter Royale you’ll get to choose from Deadite versions of any of the Survivors or Demons in the game, including any DLC that you may have added. From there it is a simple task – use your wits and weapons to be the last person standing. 

With forty folk in play, the carnage in Splatter Royale is sure to be real, and with a couple of new bonus weapons – a long-range grenade launcher or close-up scythe – the fight is really going to kick off. And what’s more, competing will let you pick up Pablo’s Kandarian Facelift outfit for free. 

Whillst Splatter Royale is free, there is also the chance to pick up the Evil Dead: The Game Immortal Power DLC Bundle. It’s this which includes…

  • New Survivor: Ruby Knowby
    • ○ Ruby is voiced by the legendary Lucy Lawless, reprising her mysterious role from the STARZ series “Ash vs Evil Dead.”
    • ○ As a Dark One, Ruby can regenerate health, increase her possession resistance, and boost the damage of her weapons. She can also consume souls to make her aura stronger and charge her unique ability, triggering a deadly blast that damages evil units within range and heals nearby Survivors.
  • Kelly “Scourge of Evil” Outfit
  • Pablo “Fish n’ Chips” Outfit
  • Ash vs Evil Dead “Party Animal” Outfit
  • Puppeteer Demon Class “King of the White Frost” Outfit

If you don’t yet have a copy of Evil Dead: The Game, then we’d guess the Splatter Royale mode will be pretty tempting. Pick up the game for yourself from the usual stores – the Xbox Store for us Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players. 

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